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Probity Material Management software is perfectly suited for businesses in the manufacturing industry who require an accurate finished goods cost, product assembly mapping, costed purchase orders, and advanced reporting in few simple clicks.

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  • Real-time inventory control and reporting

    Enjoy real-time stock visibility and maximal control. Understand your product margins and make better decisions based on real-time, accurate profit reporting..

  • Keep track of all sales.

    The ProbityMM Sales App gives you mobile inventory information on your iPhone. Making that important sale just got easier, like we believe it should be.

  • Ideal for manufacturers

    ProbityMM will allow you to calculate an accurate finished goods cost through costed product assembly and disassembly, costed purchase orders and bill of materials.

  • Product lifecycle traceability.

    Use batch tracking to keep stock of perishables or to track an ingredient right through to sale. Serial tracking will give you visibility on a per-serial basis.

  • Accurate distribution of products to warehouse

    Keep track of stock across multiple warehouses, in multiple locations, anywhere in the world. Easily manage consignments or quarantined inventory.

  • Powerful inventory control at your fingertips

    ProbityMM is specifically designed to ensure that a scarcity of in-demand product does not arise due to inefficient inventory control within your organization.Our inventory system will also facilitate easy shipping, including pick and pack features, to give you more control of your inventory warehouse

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Production Planning

PribityMM allows you to plan ahead to ensure you can always fulfill orders. Issue sales quotations, manafacturing orders and followup up with invoices.

Total visibility

Get up-to-the-minute stock numbers and sales margins in ProbityMM. All transactions are processed in real-time, ensuring you have all the information you need to make better business decisions.

Multi-user integration

ProbityMM has inbuilt multi-user environment where soles can be set and even in a one man enterprise, you can still manage your process better and faster alone .

Multi-warehouse management

Easily keep track of stock across multiple stores, in multiple locations. ProbityMM lets you know exactly what stock you have, where, and the ability to segregate stock makes reporting easy.

Product Assembly

Assemble component products in ProbityMM before processing the sale, saving you time, and ensuring an accurate finished goods cost. Completing orders also enables you to track the value of stock used, and avoiding wastage

Costed Purchase Orders

ProbityMM lets you add additional costs, such as transportation, logistics or even cap the order with a fixed percent, for each purchase order during the receipting process. This means you know exactly what your products cost you, to ensure you’re setting a profitable selling price.

What People Says

Manufacturing needs an inventory management software that can provide an accurate cost for finished goods. Get clear visibility of your profits and margins for your manufacturing business today.

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“ Am not on top of my manufacturing business as i have up to the minute position of raw materials, finished products and orders.” — Olushola Sophia
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“ When we found ProbityMM, it was like it was meant to be – literally all the data we had in place was everything that needed to be on ProbityMM.” — Chimezie Anthony
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“ ProbityMM allows us to organize our stock across a number of warehouses and also frees up a lot of extra time spent on admin work” — Ogunsanya Mathew

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ProbityMM is a raw material, production and finished products management solution to streamline your business process, from start to finish.

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